Monday, July 25, 2022

to veg or not to veg?

 Albert Einstein once said “ Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” The vegetarian/vegan lifestyle wasn't always a common option for people to choose. In today’s world, it has become much more commonplace and welcoming because of the various beneficial factors that are involved with it. Vegetarians have acquired a variety of different stereotypes over the years and many of these ideologies and narratives are false. The impact of animal agriculture has had a tremendous effect on our environment. All of the protein necessary for life can be acquired through plants, contrary to a popular misconception that the only way to receive the daily dietary needs for protein is through eating animals.  

There are many different reasons for one to become a vegetarian. Whether it be for the financial aspect, global preservation or for reasons of morality the vegetarian diet can benefit everyone. The main goal is to teach others that animal cruelty is wrong, and together as a whole we can change the environment just by eating green. One question at hand is does a vegetarian lifestyle really have an impact on the world? Are the nutritional benefits really as profound as some scientists and dieticians have claimed? 

All over the world people misinterpret what a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle may be. Vegetarians and Vegans are characterized to appear a certain way. All throughout life there are stereotypes and judgments made subconsciously and this applies to vegans as wells. However, stereotyping can be extremely negative because it’s important to be able to understand the world around us with clarity and without prejudice. For example some people believe vegetarians/vegans have a protein deficiency. This common misconception is false, there are many ways a vegetarian/vegan can get a blanched protein diet and still acquire all the nutrients required for a daily balance diet. It’s all about the balance and how one embraces complementary protein combinationsnThere are several long term effects of a vegetarian diet that are beneficial. The main causes of mortality in the US are diet affiliated. However, vegetarians and vegans have lower risk of many chronic diseases according to the Accend program. Which is also known as All Accreditation For Education In Nutrition And Dietetics. I have been a vegetarian since I was about 8 years old and love my diet and feel like in the long term it has many benefits with my health as well.

  Krpan, H. (2020). To veg or not to veg? The impact of framing on vegetarian food choice. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 67, 101391–.


  1. Blog Post 1: Incentives
    Motivation has always played a large factor in my life, either with sports, education, or even exercising, motivation has always been a key in making myself better. The lecture slides provided allowed me to learn more about motivation, and the psychology behind it. Incentives were one of the most relatable tools of motivation I use daily. For someone who likes to stay in shape and exercises daily, I always set short and long term goals. The incentive in this is creating a healthier lifestyle, and a healthier future. I would also like to say that once you accomplish your goals, you build more confidence each time, which allows the motivation to grow, and allows you to set more goals for the future. One slide from the incentive lecture was 11, “losses loom larger than gains.” I recently experienced this after I returned home from a 2 week vacation. I made great progress exercising (strength, cardio, overall health). I went on vacation for 2 weeks with little physical activity, and once I returned to the gym, I lost some of my progress and had to ease back into it. This goes to show how important consistency is.

  2. Blog Post 2: Growth Mindset
    I chose a growth mindset because one of my classmates' posts caught my eye, and it made me want to dive deeper into the specific topic. Growth mindset is very important in order to thrive as an individual, and even as a society. On an individual level, one should strive to reach their full potential. They should want failure along the way, because that is what helps us learn, and become stronger mentally, physically and even spiritually. Welcoming adversity, challenges etc is crucial in order to grow into the best version of yourself. Jordan Peterson, a psychologist, explains that as an individual, you should be a monster, then learn how to control yourself. This fits well with a growth mindset because if you develop yourself into a strong, intelligent individual, then you will be prepared for anything.

  3. Blog Post 3: A Healthy Lifestyle
    A common goal for many people around the world is to live a healthy lifestyle. This includes diet, physical activity, mental exercises and can even include spiritual growth. Motivation is key in order to consistently execute on a daily basis. It is a very time consuming process for many people, which is why not a lot of people commit to the process. But once a habit is developed, and that routine is set and stone, then worrying about time is not an issue. A healthy diet is eating the proper nutritional foods, drinks and supplements (Vitamins, anti-oxidants). This means staying away from foods that contain a high amount of sugar, fat etc. A proper diet can help your body age, and can increase the benefits for your future as well. Physical activity is one of the key factors in a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can reduce stress, relieve anxiety, reduce blood pressure, grow your confidence and improve your overall mental state. Physical activity does not have to be weight lifting for hours, all you need is 15 minutes of high intensity movements to get your blood flowing and your body moving. Drugs are something we have been told since our early days not to do. Substance abuse can lead to addiction, and can deteriorate your body and cognitive health much quicker. Many take to drugs such as alcohol, nicotine and other drugs as a stress reliever. When in fact, there are healthier alternatives that help reduce stress and make us feel happier and relaxed (Meditation, hobbies etc). A healthy lifestyle all starts with a small spark of motivation. Once that motivation is there, there's no stopping what you started.

  4. Hi Shayla! I thought this post was very interesting because I personally believed some of those false claims about iron deficiency in vegans or vegetarians. However, my sister has been vegan for about 10 years and I found it really interesting to see what she is eating and how she is getting all the proper nutrients in her meals. She makes really delicious food without depriving herself of the proteins or other necessities.