Sunday, July 24, 2022

Growth Mindset

  Having a whats called growth mindset can be very beneficial to your mind. A growth mindset is when you welcome adversity, challenges, and use failure as motivation to grow rather than letting it define you as a person. My high school soccer coach always used to tell us how important having a growth mindset is when it comes to sports and life. As a program we had 3 teams freshman, Jv, and varsity. My coach would put kids on teams based on athleticism, fitness, and skill but would engrain in our heads that if you do not like where your placed, then having a growth mindset will help you succeed, which it did for me. Benefits of having a growth mindset in everyday life include help with mental illness, relationships, higher confidence, and many more. It may sound hard to just get into that mindset, but if you really want something in life you have to take the lows way more than the highs because the challenges and rejections we face will teach us something every time. See your challenges as opportunities and don't seek approval from others to make it easier to get into that mindset.  


  1. Devin,
    I enjoyed your post a lot and I can relate to the growth mindset myself. It is very crucial to be strong minded in this world, as it can be very challenging and inconsistent. We have to teach ourselves to overcome adversities in order to grow stronger. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And that is 100% true.

  2. Hey Devin, I like your post, it's really realistic to have a growth mindset. It's a everyday challenge to learn new things and go through thing things but having a growth mindset can life a little easier. Not just for a person him or her self but for others. This world comes with a lot, you have to be strong, the world can bring you down.