Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Self Control and Unhealthy Food Relationships

Research shows that almost 50% of Americans report having an unhealthy relationship with food. This stems from the lack of self-control in individuals minds particularly when it comes to eating. It is hard to tell yourself no because we live for satisfaction, the euphoric aura of biting into that cheeseburger. Another reason we battle with self control is our mind frame. Many Americans live in the now, meaning we do not think about the future, just the day to day. This, as one can assume causes people to make bad decisions because they do not think or worry about the consequences. One solution I have for this dilemma is to prevent this form of thinking to begin with and it starts in elementary schools. Our education system must enforce and preach the benefits of self control on food and every other area of life. 


  1. I agree that children should be taught about healthy relationships with food as early as possible. Especially when it comes to American portion sizes, we learn from a young age to lack self-control when it comes to food.

  2. Hi Christihonor! I really enjoyed reading your blog post! Food and obesity in America is a huge problem that needs to be addressed! Therefore, I also find that in order for this nation to make an impactful change it is important to include and educate the youth of America when it comes to food and our relationships with them! Awesome solution and hopefully this gets implemented in education systems nationwide!