Sunday, July 24, 2022

Post 3- Why Are Fatty Foods Desirable?

     Fat has become an extremely desirable component in our everyday diets. Fatty foods tend to get people's attention as they release strong enticing smells as they cook, along with the satisfying feeling that we get after eating them. The main reason that humans find fatty foods so desirable and have for so many years is simply due to evolution. A long time ago humans had to work hard to find or cultivate their food. Oftentimes food was the main concern for our ancestors for many years. Therefore during these times, fatty foods were extremely important to their survival. Fatty foods are a great source of energy and the human body digests fat a lot slower than carbohydrates or proteins. Fat also provides a more significant amount of calories per serving, providing 9.4 calories per gram, in comparison to carbohydrates and proteins, providing 4 calories per gram. Thus, fat becomes a desirable component of the human diet for survival.

    Today, as a result of our evolution we humans are now wired to crave and prefer fatty foods because they provide us with high amounts of energy. Also, due to evolution, the human body has learned to hold on to and store fat for hard times when food is scarce. Although in a society like today where many people have access to food at all times, this makes it harder for people to stay healthy. Thus, it is important that we practice self-control and monitor what we eat and exercise to stay healthy, so we don't gain large amounts of unnecessary fats. Another important way to stay healthy is to replace bad fats with good fats, like avocado, nuts, and salmon!

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  1. Briana,
    Great post! Fatty foods have been up for debate whether they are healthy or not for years. Obviously, there is a line between the good and the bad fat. Although it is acceptable to enjoy the bad fats every now and then, people should understand that what you consume will play a large part in your futures health. I feel a lot of people eat unhealthy foods as a coping mechanism. Food for many people can be a stress reliever, which can also be very dangerous. This is where self control comes into affect. So it is important for people to realize what they eat, myself included. I tend to stay away from the bad fat. (I do love avocado and salmon.)

  2. Great Post Briana. I've always thought the "tasty" foods tend to be the "bad" foods. The smells and easiness of fried fatty food make them so desirable. And we know that in our brains but we still choose them anyway.

  3. Hi Briana,
    Like most of the world, I love eating fatty foods. I think it's so interesting to see what kind of fat is good for you, such as avocados. It is so important to make sure we are eating good fats oppose to all the unhealthy fats. I like the picture you chose to include to show a clear representation of bad fat and good fat.

  4. Hi Briana. I loved your post. It really shed light on why humans eat fatty foods and how they are healthy fatty foods but humans often decide to eat the unhealthy options. I think you did a great job at wrapping this post up by relating it to self-control which is such a prominent topic in this course.