Monday, July 11, 2022

Post 1 - The Way Procrastination effects Self-Control & Solutions

When it comes to self control, procrastination takes a large role in how managed our self control is. Procrastination is known as "to put off intentionally and habitually" (Merriam-Webster, n.d). In the current world we live in, procrastination takes a large role in peoples daily lives; work, time management, chores, daily tasks, etc. It is very known to be "a threat to your professional productivity" (Brief, 2019).  The main question to be asking here is why? even on tasks that people are excited for, there is still procrastination happening. So it is clear that no matter what the case is, there will always be procrastination. 

There are many physiological reasons that one may be stuck in procrastination, these include the following - (Brief, 2019):

 - A fear of failure 

- Is it worth the effort?

- Avoiding an uncomfortable situation

- Overloaded and overextended

- Don't know how to prioritize 

- Being a perfectionist

- Simply not interested 

- Lack of time management skills

- Cannot get started

All of the listed above items then take a role on self control, because unfortunately procrastination is entirely self control - example of not putting enough time for a certain task, so it never gets done. However, if I managed my time more, and made room I would not have to procrastinate on that certain task.  There are many solutions to procrastination, and this will allow more self control with the following tips:

- Setting a certain amount time aside, ex: 10 minutes a day to complete that certain task. Understand your own energy patterns, know when you are at your lowest and highest. Take breaks, give yourself moments to yourself. Another tip to stop procrastination is a reward when the task is complete. (Brief, 2019)

Stop procrastinating: 17 strategies to get back into action - The Creative  Life

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  1. It is interesting that perfectionism can caused procrastination! Your tips seem very helpful

  2. Hi Olivia! I enjoyed reading your blog post! This is an extremely important and relative topic when it comes to college students like us! Procrastination is extremely hard to manage and avoid and I know I find myself doing it often for similar reasons that you stated in your post! Therefore, I enjoyed reading your post and learning about some ways to combat procrastination, like rewarding yourself after completing a task!

  3. I thought that this was a good topic and also relatable. I struggle with procrastination all the time. It's hard for me to get things done early. I always wait until last minute to do things and then I end up stressed out. These tips are helpful to me!