Thursday, September 20, 2012

Post 1

I have not yet received Endurance from Amazon so I will speak about the lectures.  It is interesting to me to break down the steps that lead someone to be motivated, especially when you want to be motivated yourself to reach a specific goal.  For example, for a long time I had no motivation whether it was for school, exercising or even going out to look for a job.  However, as I got older I noticed that zero motivation had it's repercussions.  I was jobless, out of shape and not doing as well in classes as I could have.  I like that this class looks further into how we come to the point of wanting to be motivated.   

Although, since then I have come a long way.  I started to force myself to pay attention in class, knowing that the result would be worth it.  I began to eat right, healthier and I began to notice I was feeling much better.  I never stepped foot in a gym until I got to college and once I started going there was no stopping me.  I will admit there are times where my laziness sneaks back up and I will give myself an excuse to not do something but I usually make up for it.

I am very excited to see what else this class has in store for me.


  1. I totally agree with you! I did not have motivation for a long time resulting in the same as you, not having a job, not working out and not doing as good in school. After having my son, I gained a hugh amount of motivation. I was motivated to get a job to take care of him. I was motivated to workout to get rid of my baby fat. LOl. I was motivated to finish college so i can land a better paying job for my son's future.

  2. I think its really interesting that for people, like yourself, only begin to get motivated when they notice the negative things that occur when they aren't very motivated. I am quite the opposite; I think most of my motivation comes from seeing the positive outcomes of being a motivated person. The differences of motivational drive from person to person is pretty intriguing. I wonder if the differences in motivation are correlated at all with certain personality traits.