Thursday, September 20, 2012

Endurance Post #1

         Reading the beginning of this novel was overwhelming for me due to my lack of knowledge regarding ship/boat terminology. After learning the lingo and the main premise of the book, I began to understand how motivation plays a key role in this story in the novel. Throughout reading the first section, I attempted to pinpoint some motives and incentives. I came to the conclusion that social status/standing, financial rewards, and the thrill of exploring motivates Shackleton to this huge undertaking of an expedition. It was neat to read the journals of the actual passengers on the boat because getting that first hand perspective assists in seeing how motivated each and every one of them were during the whole expedition.

           My viewpoint of the novel completely was different after reading the whole first section. At first, I thought it lacked interesting material and was beyond confusing, but it turned into me having motivation to read on because I am very intrigued to see how they survive! I cannot imagine how many tests to their motivation are made and furthermore, how often the "pulling" and "pushing" of motivation occurs.

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