Thursday, September 20, 2012

    Enduarnce: Part I
        I must say that when I started reading this book I found it not only extremely boring but hard to get into. I literally fell asleep on two separate occasions in the first three chapters and was only awaken from a text and phone call respectively. However, after reading Part I and trying to put myself into the shoes of some of the men on this voyage, I completely understand why this book was chosen for the class “Motivation.” Before even embarking on this journey thousands of men knew the risk but wanted to be part of what they thought would be something special. They did not do this for the money which was meager at best and in most cases not even to be paid until they returned (if they did indeed return) but these men were motivated to be part of the first voyage across the Antarctic. With the technology at the time (or lack of I should say) this voyage was not only extremely dangerous, but could also be extremely maddening. They knew that they would have no contact with the outside world and could face life or death situations on a regular basis. As if this isn’t enough alone to drive some to insanity, they had to deal with the extreme cold, extremely rough waters, and to make matters worse, because of the unforeseen circumstances such as the water freezing around the boat they had to sit stagnant in one spot for months, working through all hours of the day to try and free the boat from the ice. I personally have always thought of myself as a mentally tough individual, but I do not know if I could ever embark on a journey like this no matter what is at stake. Not seeing the sun for weeks upon weeks would be enough alone to deter me from such a voyage, but to feel the boat being moved by such powerful forces, and see even stronger ones on the horizon, knowing that at any moment one can be your undoing, would drive me absolutely mad. Although it was obvious from some of the journal entries that the men were worried and had some thoughts of hysteria, it absolutely amazes me that the men were able to keep there composure through everything they have been through so far, especially knowing what still awaits them. This is clearly an example of people doing extraordinary things when they are driven by an incredible force: Motivation. 

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