Thursday, September 20, 2012

Endurance Post # 1

As I was reading the first section of Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage, I was in awe of the way the crew handled their situation. Despite the fact that everyone on the ship was aware that the ship was going to go down, they tried everything that was possible to save the ship, and not once did any one of them thought about quitting.  Their will and endurance was also apparent in the way they remained positive throughout the year when they were stuck. In addition, I also liked Lansing’s description of the ship. His syntax and imagery that give the ship lifelike qualities make the text all the more interesting. From what I read, Shackleton’s past experience shaped his motives and built his system of values. His behavior as he planned out the voyage was motivated by both internal and external factors. Internal factor, such as his love for adventure and external factors such as financial reward and the need to succeed pushed Shackleton toward going on the voyage.
 All in all, I feel that this book is relevant for our Motivation class because through their hardships, it is clear that the entire crew was motivated to make their situation better, and not only that, they also had a will to survive, which, obviously, in itself is a strong motivator. None of the crew members lost hope or show others any signs of stress, portraying how through their endurance, they give each other strength and the will to survive.   

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