Thursday, September 20, 2012

Endurance: Part 1

When I found out the book contained a true story about a ship voyage, I grew very excited to read it due to my love for the ocean, ships, and anything nautical. In most stories, you read about how people accomplish the goal that they were set out to do. But, I value this story for being different because although the Endurance had to be left behind, reading about the crew's experiences and their strong motivation to push forward really touches the reader. The book starts off by introducing Shackleton's type of personality, his past accomplishments, and future goals. His drive to accomplish these things are very admirable. I like that the crewmen were introduced by short interactions or interviews with Shackleton because most were explained not only by their skills, but by their humor and wittiness. This fact, I believe, is what helps the crew work so well together and to push through the hardships met in the book's chapters- not just their skills, but the motivation and the high spirits within them. 

What was interesting to me was how the author of the book and the crewmen in the story talked about the ship itself. It was referred to in a womanly aspect, and as its slow destruction was occurring, it was almost as if it was being explained like a human body on its death bed (the noises, the physical appearance, the way the crew was sad to she her go after trying hard to revive her, etc). 

I was also very impressed with how the crewmen worked together throughout the long laborious hours, the severe weather conditions, and the possible thoughts of no return. I believe this is where determination and motivation come into play. They are lead by a strong leader (Shackleton) but each one of the members gives something to the whole team, each has a part that drives them to their goal, which is now survival. I am really eager to continue on reading this book in order to see how the rest of their voyage goes!

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