Thursday, September 20, 2012

Post 1

Hello Class,
As of now I am finding Endurance a bit hard to read in regards to my interest for it. I think that as the book progresses it will become more interesting because of the events that will take place, but because it is just starting off the details are boring me. I hope that the book becomes more suspenseful and that I learn more about the characters. Am I the only one who feels this way?

In terms of motivation, I am starting to understand or should I say, consider one's motivation for the actions taken more because of what we are learning about in class. The "push and pull", and one's one "values" are definitely more evident in terms of thier motivation to take the voyage then I think they would've with out my recent knowledge. When the book stated that Shackleton had a desire to provide for his wife's prior customs for wealth, and he had a disire for adventure I found that to be his motivation for wanting to take the voyage across Anartica. Overall, I think that Endurance will provide clear examples of motivation, and help us all understand the force behind one's desire to fulfull something important to them.

Christine Rossi


  1. No! I felt the same exact way as you. I had to force myself to continue reading throughout the first section. I'm sure it will get better as we read on though......hopefully! :)

  2. You definitely aren't the only one who felt that way. When I first picked it up I couldn't stop nodding off. I kept my fingers crossed that it would pick up and grab my attention. I also thought that Endurance had the potential to provide us with an understanding and examples of motivation. (I mean we're reading it for a reason, right?)