Thursday, September 20, 2012

Post #1- Endurance part 1

I just finished part one of Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage. This book is more than appropriate for our class on motivation. Shackleton's ship sank leaving he and his crew to attempt to survive in the Antarctic. The will to live is the strongest motivation. On top of being motivated for his own life, Shackleton also has a duty to keep his men alive.
The first section just gave an overview of Shackleton's personality and his past sailing experiences. Lansing gives descriptions of all the crew members and why specifically Shackleton chose these men to stand by him. It was interesting how detailed Lansing went with the ship, Endurance. It painted a good image of how majestic the ship was before it sank. Most of the later chapters spoke about their journey before the collision. It was very intense when all the crew men tried to save the ship.
  As much as the book has an appropriate plot line for our class, I am finding it rather hard to concentrate on. The lack of chronological order keeps throwing me off. Another challenge I have is understanding most of the sailor jargon. I've never really been around boats so it's hard to follow some segments, but if anything I'm learning new vocabulary!

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