Wednesday, September 19, 2012

motivation post 1

I still have not gotten my book so my post will be about the lectures. I agree with the lecture that we had on the first day of class, about the push and pull idea. it really made me look at things and realize that almost everything that is done in your everyday routine can be categorized under this idea. Especially the example about hunger and eating. Hunger is a motive which then the incentive would be to eat. Another good example of this push and pull idea could be going to class which would be the motive and the incentive would be to get a good job or a degree.

The second lecture was on a bunch of different people such as philosophers and psychologists and their ideas behind the issue of motivation. I really liked Hobbes' idea on "Approach pleasing, avoid displeasing stimuli" because I feel that, that is really true no body wants to be displeased so people will do whatever they can to avoid it and to lean towards something that is pleasing to them. I find that to be very true in things that I have done or seen people do before such as: someone not telling their parents that they got into a small car accident where there was barley an damage because they do not want to get yelled at. So in this example not telling their parents is leaning towards the pleasing part and getting in trouble would be the displeasing.

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