Thursday, September 20, 2012

Motivation #1

           I have not gotten the Endurance book yet so I will discuss the lectures. As an athletic playing soccer here at Stockton, motivation plays a huge role in my life. In order to train hard often, never give up, and continue towards my goals of being victorious when the time comes; I must be motivated. Regarding the push and pull theory, my motive is to train even when I do not want to, knowing that it will pay off in the long run. Those thoughts and realizations push me into action. The incentive is realizing that my hard work will result in winning games, receiving recognition, and being the best that I can be.
            I never really realized how necessary it was for individuals to have knowledge, competence, and motivation in order to be successful in doing something but it makes perfect sense. I do have experience when it comes to having a lack of physical energy. There are times when I am malnourished in some way or another and not only am I physically unable to do what I normally can but my brain and thoughts are delayed as well.
            I think that Locke’s theory or choice is very evident in many people’s lives. I see it most in the example of weight loss. If you want to lose 100 pounds and you have just started, the goal is going to seem really far away and not as easy to pursue. But say you are 10 pounds away from reaching your goal, your desire for the goal with be increased since it is right around the corner. 

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  1. I think the weight loss example is really good. Unfortunately, I have always been at war with me weight - up and down, up and down. Because of this, I can say from personal experience, that I have always found it easier to stay on track to lose the weight once I've started to see progress! Sometimes it's really hard to motivate yourself towards a huge goal. It's probably more motivating to set a goal of 5 lbs, 5 more lbs, and then 5 more lbs, and so on, than to aim for an astonishing 100! It's taking the "swiss-cheese" approach to your goals and tasks.