Thursday, September 20, 2012


So far I have enjoyed the novel Endurance by Alfred Lansing. I was a bit confused when the book had started on what it had to do with motivation because honestly if I would be stuck in the middle of the Arctic after a very long, cold, and difficult journey I am not sure how much motivation I would personally have. But would the motivation of weather to die or live in the middle of the artic be enough to motivate a person to go ahead and make the journey to the end of the artic?

The book starts about how the men can just hear their shipped being crushed into pieces and I can just imagine myself in their shoes just crushing their hopes to making the journey across the artic. After getting the men, dogs, and essential supplies they realize they are out their alone and there is no one who knows where they are and or if they are in any trouble. So they are completely self-reliant in this situation. Which is what really fuels their motivation to make the journey across the artic and back to civilization.

The men try to use some comical relief on their journey to try and help lessen the tension of their journey. I believe this book is an excellent example of motivation because it is setting up on how they are going to pull together, pull resources and really find that drive inside themselves to successfully make their trip. How much does it take for a group of men to travel a couple hundred miles in a dry, uninhabited freezing desert?    

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