Thursday, September 20, 2012

Endurance Post #1

      Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage begins by describing the crushing of the expedition ship.  There was a lot of detail on the history and backgrounds of the expedition.   The stage was set for the eventual outcome of losing Endurance.  It is not presented in a chronological order because then chapter two introduces Shackleton's personality, and how he shaped his crew for his adventure.  Spending a short time with each crewman he knew what he wanted to make this a guaranteed success.  He played a proud leadership role organizing the goal of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition; this is what some said was too "audacious."  The plan seemed almost perfect on paper beside for finances.  There were difficulties obtaining sufficient funds due to finance being spent on warfare, although the journey was approved and proceeded. 
      Through hardships the voyage still continued. When times traveling less than thirty miles a day on average came one day after another the crew did not lose hope. They even celebrated Christmas with decorations, food, and music. Staying positive and in good spirits kept them motivated. Once ship was abandoned and the crew was nearly stranded the men fought through the freezing cold. Somehow they were able to make jokes with each other and even manage their hygiene. For the men who were not losing their minds they stayed close together. Having to hear the croaks of the buckling beams made thoughts run through the mens heads. “We'll none of us get back to our homes again.” For as motivated the men continued to stay there was no more denying the ship was gone.

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