Thursday, September 20, 2012


Well, I finally got my book on Tuesday. I am only in chapter 3 so far. At first I noticed that the ship was personified as a women. I thought the set up was boring and weird. I then started to see where the book was going with the motivation.

I am going to be 30 in November and always wander how I will feel at age 40, if I dread 30. I wander if I will have much energy or motivation to live out dreams I never established. So when I read that Shackleton is in his 40's and planning this adventure, well that in itself is inspiring. I think that he had a strong passion in conquering his voyage which is one explanation for his motivation and all his preparation. it took him years to get enough funds together. The planning of this voyage alone would be discouraging and feel out of reach. He had enough motivation to make it happen. The word of war almost discouraged him and the replacing of some crew was an obstacle but he had to much motivation to even be discouraged by these problems. I will know more as I read the book further, but now I can understand why this book is our example.

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  1. I found it pretty interesting that you used your own experience with your age to relate to the character of Shackleton. It illustrated how reading an inspirational real-life story can influence your own motivations. This shows how easy it is for some to motivate themselves just by seeing how well other people deal with issues and how they overcome them.