Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Taste Aversion

Taste aversion is defined as the strong dislike for a particular food due to the association of taste and smell with nausea. Growing up, my all time favorite food was pizza. I ate pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every time I was exposed to pizza, I had nothing but positive experiences. However, years ago I got the stomach flu and could not eat for days. One day, my parents came home with a pizza and all I could think about was how much I loved pizza and how empty my stomach was. Despite how sick I felt, I ate the pizza anyway. As soon as I finished my slice of pizza, I immediately got sick. Although I knew that my sickness was caused by my stomach flu, I could not help but to associate the taste of that pizza with instant sickness. Weeks later, I ordered a pizza from that same pizza shop, but I couldn't even stomach one bite because all I could think about was getting instantly sick. To this day, I still cannot eat pizza from that specific pizza shop.


  1. Great post! I can strongly relate to this post, because a similar experience happened to me. I was once really sick and was craving a taylor ham, egg, and cheese. I knew I shouldn't eat it, but the temptation was too real. (Talk about no self-control). But then I got sick, and taylor ham, egg, and cheeses haunted me for the longest time.

  2. Good post Dennis! Reading this reminded me of a time when I was pregnant, and the smell of chicken turned me off completely. I did not even have to eat the chicken, but the smell of it cooking, made me very nauseous. When I was no longer pregnant, I attempted to eat chicken again, but one bite of it, instantly made me vomit. Now, I'm vegan!

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