Saturday, August 4, 2018

Impulsive Choices

Impulsive choices are something that some people may deal with on a daily basis. The meaning behind an impulsive choice is something that is decided without thinking of the positive or negative affects. I myself can say that I personally do not like to think impulsively. I am more of a planner and think things through before doing them. Many of this can come from fear of the unknown or just a fear that the choice made will have a negative effect. There are many ways people can be impulsive, but one of the main ways its impulsive with money. Many people can save for a long time but then go and spend all their money on one small purchase. Impulsive choices can be a curse for some, but for others it may go in their favor. Some people live off of impulsive choices especially when it comes to some kind of adventure or traveling.

1 comment:

  1. Good read and video. I find that most of my own impulse decisions come from how quickly gratification comes from making those decisions. For example, I often drive home from work and consider stopping at Wawa for dinner instead of going home and cooking something myself, since the latter would take much longer for me to get food in my stomach.