Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Finding a Place

In today's world, many people feel displaced. We look for groups and activities to fill needs and desire. Whether it be physiological or psychological, we become draw to certain lifestyles. The norms we create for our everyday life sometimes can be damaging to are character. Change can be different and scary, but sometimes it is for the better. Though you may feel indifferent or filled with anxiety, transitions our a part of existence. An example being jumping into a cold pool on a hot day, you may be hesitant, but you know that it will be refreshing. Having some kind of incentive will always help motivate. Once a person is pass the shock of the change, life can become stable and the person can continue to move on. Shown by Fechner's Law, the relationship between the utility and objective that the person holds, is shown to increase effort for completion of objective. Whether it is big or small, finding the sliver lining to help push on, it always a win. No win is too big or too small, to motivate someone to move on to the next challenges in life. Realizing that life is always changing can be hard, but through prioritizing and valuing goals, we can do it.
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