Saturday, August 4, 2018

Tips on Self-Control

The ability to apply self-control is typically referred to as ‘willpower.’ 
Do you have the willpower to say no to fast food when you’re on a diet? Do you have the willpower to stay in and study instead of going out with your friends the night before a big exam? Do you have the willpower to get up and run errands on your day off, rather than staying in bed all day? 
Willpower is easier said than done. 
It takes a lot of discipline, and mental energy to do what’s right for you in the long run. It is much easier, and more enjoyable to stick to the habits that bring us instant pleasure, but unfortunately everything that glitters is not gold. 
It is essential to remember that things that are worth having are not obtained easily!
Eventually, the persistent consumption of unhealthy, fast foods will cause significant health problems, constantly going out with your friends and ignoring your academic responsibilities will lead to failure and staying in bed on all of your days off will lead to important things being undone. 
Therefore, how can one take control of their ‘self-control’ and break bad habits? 
Here's a video that will answer that question and bring some insight!

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