Sunday, August 5, 2018

Self Control

Self control is the ability to control yourself in the face of temptations and impulses. Having self control can be really hard. Especially when it comes to food and shopping. It is very common to go on a diet and tell yourself you will not eat any junk food but when it is infront of your face you end up eating it, this is an example of having no self control. Another example is going into Target to buy one thing but leaving with ten other items. You definitely have to have mentally prepare yourself while on a diet, in a store, while studying to be able to achieve the goal rather than losing control.

 Video on tips to handle self control:

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  1. I totally agree, it is mental but also as we learned willpower to change.

  2. Self control is really one of the most difficult things we face and I like that it was compared to a muscle that needs constant exercising. Also, I found the video you posted helpful when thinking about my own self control.