Friday, July 27, 2018

"Picky Eater"

Growing up, I was a picky eater. Being like most children growing up, new food looked, tasted, and smelled funny. Sticking to my Kraft mac & cheese and chicken nuggets was how I survived as a child. Though some children have worse eating habits then I did and have borderline food neophobia. Food neophobia is define as the generally reluctance to eat, or the avoidance, of new food. Many factors come into play. Understanding that, the pressure to eat, personal factors, parental influences, and social influences all affect the children decisions. The sole purpose of this post is to preach about allowing the child to feel independent in their choice and promoting an acceptance of the choices regardless if it the outcome the parental figure seeks. In doing this, it allows an open mind to be promoted and will help with the children in expanding their diets.

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  1. 100% agree with you. When I was a kid I turned down everything my parents tried to make. I lived off mac and cheese, pizza, and chicken nuggets. However, as I've grown older I started trying new food because I had the freedom to, instead of my parents forcing me to try something.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post. Unlike you, I have always been willing to try new foods. It is interesting to read about some points you made. I definitely agree that it is important to not force foods upon children. Allowing them to make their own food choices and decide what they will want to eat will help them feel like they are in control. I think this will make them more willing to experiment with new foods they might not be used to.