Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What Makes a Great Leader

The characteristics of a great leader encompasses many traits, such as, strength, bravery, and sound decision-making.  However, sometimes, the greatest strength of a Great Leader is recognizing and bringing out the best qualities of those around them.


  1. Hi Tina. I agree! I feel that life is all about lifting those around you while you lift yourself at the same time. We are all together on this earth, so we should be here for each other. Everyone has times where they need to be brave, strong, or make careful decisions. Everyone needs to step up and be a leader at some point, if not for others than for themselves.

  2. 100%, leadership done correctly is leading by example and allowing others to step up and preform to the task. Not to mandate and belittle.

  3. I agree with your post! Leadership is about having loyalty, their members, employees, or whatever it might be should be able to trust and feel safe with their leader. Leadership is about everyone as a whole not just one person.