Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Are we trained from early childhood to expect a reward from doing the right thing? Kids are being potty trained with m&m’s and skittles just for using the bathroom where they are supposed to. Sure, it takes time to teach children who have been going to the bathroom in diapers their whole lives. However, this generation likes to take the “easy way out”. Children now have their own iphones and ipads to bring on car rides, doctors visits, restaurants and anywhere else that may require them to occupy themselves for a period of time. If they sit quietly, they can have their ipad. If they stop screaming, they can have a treat. It is too easy to give in to the temptations children have instead of teaching them right from wrong simply because they are human. As they grow up, these children will be hard to please and occupy as they are used to this visual stimulus of whatever they can imagine at their fingertips from birth. This can cause depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric issues. Its unhealthy for children to grow up thinking they are entitled to gifts, objects, or electronics for being good children and listening to their parents.

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  1. In today's society, specifically with children, rewarding good behavior is the norm. However, this has led to a generation of people who expect a reward for doing the right thing in our so-called civilized society. Should children be rewarded for behaving nicely in school? I think not. That is what you are supposed to do. Should every team player get a trophy whether you win or lose? Absolutely not! In my opinion, this type of reward system does very little to prepare our children for disappointments that they will inevitably face in the adult world.

  2. I think you made a lot of valid points on this topic. Nowadays, parents are extremely lenient when it comes to giving their children what they want. They no longer see iPads and candy as rewards, but they expect them. I think that it is acceptable to motivated children with rewards in order to accomplish something under certain circumstances. The video of the iPad tantrum is such a good example of how children will feel entitled to get what they want if they are not used to being restricted.