Monday, July 23, 2018

How to Enhance Dopamine Levels without Drug Use

Dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain which is a chemical messenger that helps control the brain’s reward, pleasure, motivation, memory, attention, and regulation of body movements. 

Dopamine plays a major role in our emotional responses, and is key in terms of motivation, because it is a driving force when it is time to be productive. The lack of dopamine released in your brain may result in illnesses and diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease. Other symptoms due to the lack of dopamine may be fatigue, apathy, lack of focus, forgetfulness, moodiness, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, and lack of motivation. High dopamine levels can lead to schizophrenia and drug addiction. 

As human beings, we are always seeking pleasure. We are always searching for things that bring us positive simulation, and/ or simply make us feel good. Some may turn to psychoactive drugs for immediate gratification. After long term use of psychoactive drugs, your body’s tolerance level will increase which will cause you to consume more of the drug, and possibly form an unhealthy addiction. 

 6 Safe and Healthy Ways to Boost Dopamine Levels: 
1.    Eat foods rich in tyrosine 
2.    Exercise regularly
3.    Learn to meditate 
4.    Get a massage 
5.    Sleep
6.    Listen to music 


  1. Hi Aloni! I enjoyed this post because you offered great alternatives to medications. I know a lot of people that rely on psychoactive drugs in their daily life instead of trying these simple methods that could provide life changing results. Some individuals are born with the imbalance, and require medication for stabilization. However when life in general is challenging, especially for adolescence and young adults, I believe more holistic and natural remedies should be tried before the use of psychoactive drugs.

  2. Some people may not realize that dark chocolate is a great dopamine booster, although I personally prefer milk chocolate. I agree with Christina that more holistic approaches should be explored before people are automatically given psychoactive drugs. There have been studies that show children who were given behavioral drugs were more likely to abuse drugs as adults later in life.

  3. Great post! More people need to realize all the healthy/natural alternatives there are to boost dopamine levels instead of using medication.