Thursday, July 26, 2018


Insanity is define as doing the same reoccurring action over and over again, excepting a different outcome. In today's generation, vices are much more evident and our on the forefront of society's door. With every poor choices being glorified. Whether it be computers, TVs, or cellphones. What you think is private, could be blown out of portion in literal seconds, and could end up around the globe. Indulgence our a part of everyday life, but having the ability to control these urges is the true definition of self awareness and self control. Many of us become consume by are demons, but true strength is using these situation to mature and develop higher thought. No one is invincible, but realizing, dreaming, and inspiring is what it means to succeed and to live your best life. Never let your vices mandate your life, and always motivate yourself to improve your quality of life.      Image result for beating vices/ addiction

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