Thursday, July 31, 2014

Reproduction Lecture: Attraction

    In the slide that outlined Mate Value inventory and the following slide that instructed us to calculate our score I was almost immediately struck by the thought that in today's society, one's perception of one's own attractiveness is being more frequently challenged by different ideas of what beauty and attractiveness should be. The existence of technology at the fingertips of many people have also enabled us to have constant exposure to the images of the "ideal" mate.
     As a woman, I have noted that my perception of my own physical attractiveness and overall desirability have been vastly different than the opinions of friends and mates. As I tallied up my score, I couldn't help but think of the Dove Sketch Project and wonder what the two sketches would look like if I were a subject of that study. I am also intrigued by how one's own perceived attractiveness may effect the level of desirability perceived by others. Does a generally attractive person go unnoticed because they little confidence in their beauty?
     As I moved deeper into the lecture, I noticed that Dr. Berg presented the Evolution video also produced by Dove. I was moved by the transformation that the model had made with just hair and makeup adjustments, but the changes made with Photoshop (or a similar program) shocked me.   While there are many contributing factors to make selection that are primal and have been found in studies of mate-selection across many different cultures throughout history; the influence of technology and social media on these instincts could alter these innate behaviors and beliefs.


  1. Last semester, I was in a sociology class and we often discussed the affect of technology on society. One of the topics we covered was commercials and magazine adds. Many adds for males use females as objects. Adds geared towards men will use women to advertise that item. An example would be Axe cologne and how it can "cause girls to chase boys due to their scent." In reality, this isn't real; however, this is what technology is perceiving. These adds and technology are also using unrealistic girls. They are Photoshopping these women to look flawless which causes average girls to feel less confident. I think technology has a huge impact on how individuals look at themselves. More awareness needs to be brought up on the how these images used are not always true.