Saturday, July 19, 2014

part 2

In the second part of the book, they experience new living conditions that turned into very uncomfortable conditions. I could never imagine having to live on ice even a day or so and in the beginning of the chapter, they did it for a week! Food has also become their number one problem. Even though these issues were tough for them, they were still somewhat happy and began to adapt to this new way of living. I definitely could not do it. Sleeping on wet sleeping bags while its already cold out and sleeping so crammed would not sit well with me. Even in the summertime it wasn’t comfortable for them because it was incredibly hard to walk in the snow since it was all melted and up to their waists.
Personally, I would really enjoy Shakleton as a friend! He is adventurous and seems motivated to do anything he puts his mind to. I like how much of a leader he is and how he does whatever he can to keep everyone in control such as know who to put who with in separate tents. He shows he is a true leader when he says that since he got all his men into that mess, he will get them out. He also wants to be treated like everyone else and doesn’t expect nor does he want special treatment.
I feel like Orde-Lees is most like me because he is known as a bit childish to the other men and randomly went on a bike ride on the floes without Shakleton knowing, which I thought was funny. He also has a morbid fear of starving to death and stores his food in case of an emergency which is something I would do.
In the end, Shakleton said they couldn’t go further. I would feel scared and hopeless if I heard Shakleton say this because Shakleton is the one person who has always had high hopes in the expedition and survival of all his men and is who basically kept everyone sane. 

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