Wednesday, July 23, 2014

All addictions

After seeing the lecture slide on drugs. I personally have some of my own things to add to this. We see  addictions and people with them with all sorts of labels usually negative unfortunately. Whether an addiction is to a drug,food,sex,gambling the list goes on and on. What one must realize is in the scheme of things these are just symptoms of a much greater issue. A person who takes drugs of all sorts is self medicating themselves and this most often comes in a pattern. Starts with one drug then goes to the next, and their are also an entire host of addictions involved. These people who self medicate are trying to escape something by distorting their reality. Alot of this is due to early trauma in a childhood seen in the younger generations. However this goes on and on with war veterans and such. Anything could be used as a drug to stimulate euphoria in some type of way. As I said earlier addiction is a symptom of something greater, imagine getting to the bottom of what is causing such a compulsive behaviour to take place. Memories which are traumatic that one has not yet faced always has a part where the individual tries to do something about it. Alone in these addictions the individual is powerless because no amount of reasoning will stop them.

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