Friday, July 18, 2014

Endurance- part one

So far, in the first part of the book, it gets you thinking about how motivated these group of men are to basically do what is known as the dangerous and “impossible”. The entire crew has suffered a few attacks that don’t exactly get better each time. Aside from their bravery, they all work together as one even when they are going through the roughest times. During these times, they were actually drawn closer together while the polar nights were occurring rather than going insane such as previous people have.
            Instead of making it a bad time through the journey, they simply make the best of it by reading, playing cards, having “lantern chats”, making bets with dice, and having a midwinter celebration. They do whatever they can to get their mind off the cruel expedition. I like the fact that they made bets while playing dice because all their bets had to do with when they finally arrived back home, which means they have high hopes in getting home no matter what the weather is. It shows true dedication.
You can easily tell how motivated Shakleton is because he doesn’t like Marston for the sole reason of his negative attitude and he is scared that he’ll pass that attitude to his other men.
It was all done as a volunteered job as well. Despite of how dangerous the journey would be, Shakleton still wanted to take it on because of the thrill of the adventure. “…if it hadn’t been audacious, it wouldn’t have been to Shakleton’s liking” (Pg.11). He had no doubt in his mind that he wouldn’t achieve his goal.
Everyone somehow had something that motivated them to take a part in the expedition which I think is fascinating and makes you look deeper into your own life. For example, Shakleton was motivated by Scotts achievement and wanted to succeed in something bigger, and Worsley was inspired/motivated by a dream he had and went after it.

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  1. Your post makes great points! This journey is still hard for me to wrap my mind around. these men endured the unthinkable and still were positive and happy. The things they had to eat to surge and sleep on is something i myself could never do and these men had no complaints about anything. As you read on in the book you will be amazed at what they get through and how they survived it all.