Wednesday, July 16, 2014

portion control

   The video on mindless eating and the bottomless bowl really intrigued me because it’s something I have difficulty with everyday. I feel as though I must finish my entire meal and clear everything off my plate no matter how much is there. This mind game we plan with ourselves really gets out of hand and can cause people to gain a lot of unnecessary weight that could have been avoided. People are so stressed and have so many things on their minds and the last thing their thinking about is how much food they’re taking in. Coming from an Italian family it is hard to not eat a lot at once. When my mother cooks she cooks for an army and expects us to eat everything. What my mother doesn’t realize is that it is nice to eat great Italian food but we must learn to portion control what we are eating. I lost thirty pounds six years ago and have kept it off simply by portion control and exercise. The fact is that if I am not making the food for myself I still tend to eat the whole portion I am given. It is a really hard task to control what you are eating and how much you are eating when you are in company. When you go out to dinner most of the restaurant portions are double if not bigger than the portion suggested and most people finish their plates clean. I think in order to fix this problem our society as a whole has to promote portion control and restaurants should be giving portion-sized meals.


  1. The portion sizes in America are huge compared to other countries! Here, we think of breakfast as eggs, bacon, toast, etc. all together. When I went to Europe, I was surprised at how small their portions were; breakfast is usually coffee and a pastry/bread. If I went to a restaurant and was served the dish on the right, I would probably be disappointed. However, I know I wouldn't be able to finish the one on the left! Portion control is one of the biggest parts of losing weight; often, you can still eat the foods you like but just in smaller quantities.

  2. I agree with everything you said and this post stuck out to me because I have had a lot of experience with portion control. I studied abroad in Italy and fell in love with their food. I would order about three courses when I went out to dinner and my roommate and I would cook enough pasta for a family of six and eat it all our selves. I ended up gaining thirty pounds in Italy (the wine did not help either). I wondered why I got so fat but all the Italians were so skinny. It's because they don't eat such big portions as I was serving myself or eating!

  3. Everything you stated in your post is one-hundred percent true! The portions that people eat and receive when they go out to dinner are extremely large, compared to other countries. I am also guilty of feeling like I have to eat everything that is on my plate, even if I am not the one who served everyone. It is so important to control your eating portions. Three years ago, I also was over weight and lost around 40lbs. Since then, I know my limits and am able to portion what I eat. Even though I may splurge from time to time, I learn to keep off the weight. When we look at others, they do not know when enough is enough and to eat until you are full. I definitely agree with you and believe that society as a whole should try and eat more healthy and learn to control their portions.