Thursday, July 31, 2014

Self Control

In the lecture on impulsivity and self-control,  Howard Rachlin's explanation of the primrose path is an interesting interpretation on self-control, and one that I had not been aware of prior to this.  Self-control brings up many images and notions which we have heard in the past, but the definition of an individual unable to seek out bigger future rewards at the expense of accepting the immediate gratification of something else is simple, yet  sparks my mind to my own self-control.  It illustrates my own issue of self-control within the boundaries of food and eating.  I was raised a vegetarian, and after researching/reading/watching negative health effects of continuing to eat dairy and eggs, decided about a year ago that I was going to go vegan.  My issue with self-control in this area though, has thus far inhibited me from obtaining the optimal health benefits that eating vegan would grant me.    In my mind, I know that once I got in the habit of eating according to my goal diet, it would be easy enough to maintain it.  However, I have yet to go even two weeks without falling victim to a creamy indian dish or a bit of cheese.  I am apparently on the primrose path! I am negating the long term positive effects of eating better, for the immediate and simple pleasure of eating a particular irresistible meal.  This also falls in line with the conflicting outcomes that arises from self-control.  I always said I had bad willpower, now I know my mind is fogged conflicting outcomes (as well as the chemical addiction to casein in cheese).  I will eat the cheesy meal and enjoy it greatly, but be mad at myself and find myself further (or just as far) from my ultimate goal.

I actually can apply this to a lot of areas.  I have been setting an alarm for 5:30 am, for the past two weeks, to get up and get my workout done before my 3 year old wakes up and the chaos begins.  Every single morning I have turned my alarm off and went back to sleep.  Every single morning.  I am holding onto the immediate gratification of sleep, and not reaping the long term positive effects of actually getting a workout.  I will be thinking a lot about this today.  Maybe I will be a well worked out vegan by next month.  ;)

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