Sunday, July 27, 2014


This day in age its interesting the different options we have in America to eat on a regular basis. With the unfortunate fact that most Americans do not have any time in a day to prepare a home cooked meal for themselves and their families anymore. This obviously has led to some bad habits and poor eating choices. I assume that is where the phrase "fat america" comes from when we were ranked the fattest nation in the world, now I believe Mexico has taken our place. There has been a huge transition however. We see all sorts of ways to athletically train being fads such a crossfit, p90x and so forth. These programs for results also require healthy eating to go along with it. I remember when the movie "Super Size Me" came out. I though how interesting it was that a man almost died after attempting to binge on a mcdonalds only diet. I understand thats what it did to "his" body. All situations are obviously going to vary, but I think thats a landmark case for sure. I want to say around 2008 is when things began to shift and people were more aware of their health, and it almost became a new movement to be healthy,exercise and stay healthy.


  1. It's insane how many foods ridiculously high in sugars, salt, fat, are at our fingertips at all times. These are natural cravings we have as human beings to ensure we obtain foods needed for our survival, and these big food companies are constantly exploiting our innate preferences. Our human desires will ultimately make it very hard to resist those fatty, unhealthy foods I often think how ridiculous it is that so many companies literally pour chemicals into our "food" and how the government not just allows it, but encourages it in many forms, However, I also feel grateful for the fact that while we are bombarded with these opportunities to eat poorly, we also have a wider selection than ever of healthy foods to eat. While I do not trust the good ol' USDA's certification of organic, there are plenty of chemical-free, natural flavors-free options in the grocery store. It just requires a lot of ingredient reading time and usually more money. If the food that was eaten 70 years ago was loaded with a bunch of horrible stuff, they wouldn't have much of a way around it.