Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Impulsivity and Self Control

After looking over these slides I thought about impulsive choices, that many of us have probably encountered at some point in our lives. Where do impulsive choices come from? How do we determine if we are being impulsive or not? In my opinion people make most of their impulsive choices out of anger or sometimes just to get out of a situation as soon as possible depending on what the problem may be.
In some cases it could just be making a decision without thinking about the consequences, such as the video from Justin Bieber, it clearly shows he was not thinking about anybody else but himself and the consequences of his actions.
I believe self-control it's extremely important whether we have to make a simple decision or a tough one. I enjoyed the second video with the children and the marshmallows, I thought it was cute but at the same time, you could see the children having self control, well most of them since there was one child that ate it and the other one picking on it. I will try that with my 4 year old son, I think it will help him make some type of decision and help him build self-control.

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