Monday, July 28, 2014


Out of all the slide shows, one that I thought was the one on food. Everyone has different taste preferences and favorites. Some people are picky, others will eat anything. It makes me curious as to know why some people can have such a large preference and others so little. We even have this preference when we are younger. If a little kid does not like something, they will make a certain facial expression to alert the parent they do not like it. Some people eat too much or too little. Not to mention the portion that is given to us in a restaurant. A friend of mine is from Bulgaria and told me that people eat extremely huge portions here, compared to people in her country. She said everyone there is skinny and does not over eat. Obesity is definitely an issue in our country. One problem is knowing when someone feels stuffed, they will just continue to eat because their eyes are bigger than their stomach. People do not realize the seriousness of obesity and how it can damage ones life. I feel like food is an interesting topic because there are so many choices and topics you can talk about. We love food and need it to survive every day.

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