Thursday, July 17, 2014


Gambling, drug and alcohol addiction is an on going phenomenon in our world. Young adults get involved with these types of risk and think their invisible. The problem is that young adults think they can stop whenever they want, but the problem is their already addicted and don’t even know it. Their hurting their family and friends that loves them and don’t see it. Addiction is something that I never really understood because I always thought if you really wanted to stop doing something you would just stop. Addiction is not so simple as I had thought; it will control your life. People have lost their family, friends, great jobs and homes because of addiction. I knew someone that was addicted to gambling and by looking at him you would never think he was that type of person. He started gambling at a very young age and tried so hard to stop but the urge to gamble was stronger than him. He went to meetings every week and seemed like he was changing but in reality he couldn’t stop. I think if an young adult has an addiction and is helped within an reasonable time frame, they can be addiction free. If a person is an addict for many years, in most cases they can never be addiction free. It’s very sad to see families that love their children and want to help but cant get through to them because their addiction is so bad. My brother started smoking cigarettes causally at the age of fifteen. I was so mad when I caught my brother smoking for the first time. He promised me that he only dose it casually and could stop whenever he wanted too. I believed him but now he is twenty-five and is still smoking. My brother is having a baby and he wants to quite before the baby comes but is having a hard time with it. I think if he would of stopped at fifteen he would of never looked at a cigarette again.


  1. I agree with you that addiction is a huge issue for many people. In our society, people can lose so much for becoming addicted to things such as alcohol, drugs, money, etc. At the time, they do not realize how much of a problem they have until it becomes bad. When they are addicted, they do not care and do not pay attention to anything else in their lives that is going on. I feel like an addiction is a way for someone to escape from reality. Whether it is someone smoking cigarettes, drinking, gambling. When they do it for so many years, it is really hard for them to stop.

  2. I like how you worded the second sentence, and I agree 100%. Many people who start getting involved with drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling, ect., do not think that they will be the ones who get addicted to it. Most people who have addiction issues have suffered at such a young age, and being so young you do have the mindset that you are invincible and that it could never happen to you. It's sad, but the ones who say it will never happen to them are usually the same ones who end up suffering. I am a strong believer that the first step in recovering and getting better is admitting that you do in fact have a problem. Addiction is something that controls ones mind and takes over their lives, and its heartbreaking to see what it does to someone. Whatever it is that a person gets addicted to, it makes they feel as if they can escape reality, but that's only for a certain amount of time. There any many people who are willing to help those who suffer from an addiction and get better but it starts within the person themselves. No one can get the help they truly need if they do not accept it and realize that their addiction is a problem.

  3. Addiction is for sure a way out and escape from reality. I personally have seen people I grew up with get hooked on heroin and the experience ended up tragic for them. As most people say it all starts before the addiction which is usually a childhood emotional trauma and loss. That is what fuels the need to escape reality.