Thursday, May 26, 2011


One thing discussed in our text that stuck out to me, was the section on thirst in chapter five. Interestingly, this topic is more relative to biology than psychology. Perhaps because the last four-five years of my life consisted of psychology related informational reading, this is more pronounced to me because it is different.
I am a avid water drinker. I always have some kind of water bottle with me wherever I go. The idea of thirst sensation being regulated by the mouth, throat, and stomach was very interesting. If someone if fluid deprived and drinks a large amount of water to supplement, they will stop sooner if their stomach feels full or if their mouth and throat feel quenched, ever if the water doesn't actually go through the stomach in order to hydrate the cells.
As I was reading the textbook I was sitting outside where it was approaching 85 degress for the first time this year, I was sitting by the pool and pond, the sound of the running water enticed me as I sat reading and sweating. I felt myself desiring water not only in my body but also around my body. I wanted nothing more than to jump into that pool and reach a very refreshing level of coolness. One point of interest, not mentioned in the text was how thirst had an affect on the foods you choose to eat. While sitting outside and feelnig warm and having a growing thirst sensation, I did not want a salty turkey sandwich or dry peanut butter and jelly. I chose an orange which is juicy and succulent fulfilling the hunger and thirst quench that I needed. This is very interesting and would be a way to expand research studies.

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