Thursday, May 26, 2011

Knowledge, Competence, and Motivation

In the class text it states that achieving a desired goal involves three factors: knowledge, competence, and motivation. First, knowledge is the cognition on how to do the certain task or behavior that needs to be accomplished. Competence is the ability to perform the necessary behavior to achieve a goal. Last, motivation is the drive to do that behavior.

The following video is an example of Knowledge, competence, and motivation:

As you just saw in the link above, the little girl is trying to sing the Whitney Houston song, “I Will Always Love You.” In this video she has the cognitive ability of how it should sound (knowledge). She also is motivated since she perseveres through the song and keeps trying to sing it repeatedly until, at last, she decides to stop. What this girl is lacking is the competence factor, or the ability to produce the notes.  You can see the frustration the girl is going through because she cannot achieve her desired goal, which is to sing the song the way she would like it to be sung. 

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