Friday, May 27, 2011

Chapter 4: Addictions

I enjoyed the information I found in the chapter on Addictions and Addictive Behaviors. First let me start by saying that I never knew someone could have a genetic disposition to an addiction. I personally thought that when a person stated that everyone in their family "did it", they were just making an excuse for themselves. I had know idea that drugs could effect certain structures in the brain and that these "structures are genetically transmitted from one generation to the next" (Deckers, 82). After reading chapter 1, I found a similarity between push and pull and needs and wants. I seems to me that things we "need" such as food "push" us towards that which satisfies our need. On the other hand, things we "want" such as a degree "pulls" us towards it. So, with this in mind, why does a person become motivated to continue drug use? If a person wants to feel the high from the drug, they are pulled towards the feelings they get from the drug. However, if a person needs to feel free from possible withdrawal symptoms, they are pushed towards the drug to relieve them of these symptoms. I have a friend who's son is trying desperately to kick a drug addiction. He has such terrible withdrawal symptoms that he "needs" to visit the methadone clinic. He is pushed towards the clinic to escape his symptoms.

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  1. Although I have heard of people having a genetic disposition to drugs and alcohol, I never really took it into context and never had it explained and/or broken down to me until reading this chapter.