Friday, May 27, 2011


I found the addictions chapter to be most interesting of the reading assignments, because addictions are much more prominent in peoples’ lives then what is realized. Caffeine for example is the most widely used psychoactive stimulant in the world. Individuals do not realize the addicting qualities of caffeine and they then do not realize their growing tolerance. The increased amounts of caffeine over time causes the person to need caffeine to properly function through the day, without it some individuals may feel sluggish or suffer headaches. These unpleasant feelings are the results of drug abstinence which are called symptoms of withdrawal. I have a friend who suffers the worst of caffeine withdrawal through migraines and she is completely nonfunctional if she doesn't drink coca-cola all throughout the day.

I also find it to be most interesting that there are genetic predispositions to using and becoming addicted to drugs. I think it is important though to realize that just because you have a genetic disposition to experimenting with a drug, that does not mean that if both parents have serious drug addictions that their child will follow the same route. The brain chemical dopamine has a lot to do with addictions because it’s the chemical in the brain related to pleasure and when a person has a lower sensitivity to it are more likely to experiment with drugs.

That is a Youtube clip from a scrubs episode, the part I want everyone to notice is JD’s flash black, it’s just a funny concept.

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