Saturday, May 28, 2011

Employee Motivation

Motivation in the work place is very important for the employee to be able to enjoy their job and succeed in what they do, and to get the experience and preparation to move up into prefer future jobs. The manager is the key person to be able to motivate his employees to get things done. Motivation practice and theory are two subjects that are important to understand how motivation works. Based on studies and research it seems that the subject of motivation is not clear to many in how it works, but first we need to understand how human nature works, an understanding and appreciation of this subject will help motivate the employee in the workplace and it will create effective management and leadership. Applying employee motivation principles will be very beneficial in the future because it helps the employee become more productive and creative. We have to ask ourselves the question are people born with self-motivation or drive. Yes and no motivation is a skill that can be learn and is essential in any business to grow and succeed. The ability of the employee depends on education, experience and training but in the other hand there are factors that can make the work environment better and motivate the employee to succeed for example:
Positive reinforcement/ high expectations
Effective discipline and punishment
Treating people fairly
Satisfying employee needs
Setting work related goals
Restructuring jobs
Based rewards on job performance
In conclusion motivation is inducing others in the right way to specific goals stated by the motivator. In my experience the work environment and the manager are very important for the success of the employee if we don’t feel supported and motivated in the job we will not be able to work in a striving way.


  1. I completely agree; making an individual feel appreciated and relevant, particularly in the workplace, is an excellent recipe for motivating that individual to perform his/her duties as efficiently as possible, and with a more positive attitude. It sounds so simple, but many employers neglect to do it. They are so concerned with their bottom line, that they lose sight of the fact that a positive and happy employee is essential to that bottom line.

    That being said, I also think employees have to also motivate themselves to contribute to being a productive member of the company. If they aren't self motivated initially, the employer could be wasting time and effort attempting to satisfy the employee.

  2. I do agree with your topic of discussion regarding employee motivation. This is totally and completely true because I recently was employed at a company for 6 years and I was in a supervisory position. And the need to motivate my staff was essential in order for them to complete their work fully. Giving your employees some sort ofrecogintion is also important because your employees will not want to go above and beyond their work if they feel that their employer does not respect and recognze the tasks that they complete. This can go towards completing a normaljob to its full extent or like myself my staff had to care for clients and take care of a residential setting in order to care the people they were there for. I also noticed from coming from a company that lack incentives such as increase in pay and/ or bonuses were somethin that no only myself but also the employees had looked forward to getting. But the company did not provide this incentive to their employees therefore the employees felt the need no to go above and beyond for their employment. Therefore, they had lacked a lot of motivation and the only motivational aspect of the company was for the supervisiors to acknowledge the achivements of their staff members because money was a key motivatior for these employees in this particular company. So your comment was right on point