Saturday, May 28, 2011

Evolution and Experience of Motives

In Chapter 3 I found it interesting how both heredity (nature) and environment (nurture) affect our behavior and motivation in life. There are both innate (not taught) motives and current (interactive between innate and experience) behaviors. From these behaviors we can learn a lot about a person.

This chapter on motives reminded me of the show “Criminal Minds”. Although NJ State Police now has a policy regarding racial profiling (unfounded profiling purely based on race), the FBI has done true behavior profiling for years. In the following videos you’ll see how they make theories (not facts) on a person’s behavior based on circumstances they observe. The basis of their analysis is to determine a person’s motives based on their actions. If you can determine a person’s motives, whether it be heredity (nature) or environment (nurture), it gives you an insight into how they think and can help determine a suspect’s next action.

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