Sunday, May 29, 2011

Intro to Motivatoin

When you think of motivation, what do you think of? I wonder what makes people motivated to achieve a certain goal. Weather it has to do with making a big play in a game, motivated to climb a mountain or waking up in the morning to go to work to get the job done. Everything has a reason behind it, but what exactly gives a human that drive? When do humans exactly get energy for motivation? The psychological energy or mental energy powers psychological endeavors for cathexis, adaption energy, self-regulation or self-control and information processing.

In chapter one is where the push and pull affect take place. All the motives (physiological and psychological needs) are all under push the push effect and the external objects (incentives and goals) are the push effect. For example, the biological need for food (push) is because he or she is hungry or they get the pleasure from eating.

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  1. Nancy, I've asked the same questions. Personally, after 17 years, I was motivated to obtain my college degree. I think perhpas my biggest motivator is my daughter (who is 6). I think about her watching me walk across the stage to accept my degree and one day sharing with her the number of responsibilities I've had to juggle to reach my goal.

    I couldn't see myself lecturing my daughter about the importance of higher education if I didn't have a degree myself.