Friday, June 18, 2010

What Motivates you to get a college degree?

Motivation is the activation of goals. Motivation has internal source and external source. The internal source helps us to move towards our goals and external source helps us with the incentives for us to achieve that goal we out in fornt of us at any given time in our lives. Why my internal source ( biological needs) help me to decide to go back to colelge and get my degree. I ws in the nursing field for four years and the stress started to cause the onset of health problems. The external sources of my motivation was the incentive if I go back to college and change my field of work. I would decrease my stress.


  1. I really like the video link you found of the nurses relieving stress. Great Video!

  2. I agree, I liked this video. You must do what you are happy with in order to have little stress. Getting a college degree allows you to have a job which you will be happy to work at until you retire. I think it is important to limit stress and whatever works should be done, less stress brings happiness!

  3. funny video. Hey whatever works right? Id much rather have a dancing nurse than a stressed out nurse taking care of me. Finding ways to relieve stress is very important and it seems these nurses found a way. Getting through college can be stressful at time, but I think we are motivated to get through it in hopes that it will lead to a less stressful career.