Monday, June 28, 2010

Facial Expressions and Emotions

Chapter 2 mentioned work done by Bacon and Descartes in the field of facial expressions signaling emotion. I found this to be interesting because I often fail to realize that my facial expressions give away exactly what I am feeling, whether good or bad. I find that it can be difficult to hide emotions because facial expressions may give away one's internal feelings. This reminds me of "Poker Face," when a card player has to keep his facial expressions at bay to not reveal any gains or losses in his hand of cards. On the other hand is the saying about "wearing your heart on your sleeve" when surrounding people can easily tell how one is feeling due to their facial expressions. In this video, the woman is talking about the many types of facial expressions a human can show.

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  1. What a great topic! This is something we all do as a way to communicate better, its just so automatic we rarely think of it. In times when we try to suppress our emotions the first thing we adjust is our facial expression. If we are angry with someone and looking at them, we know its difficult not to give them a 'dirty' look. ....Keeping a true 'poker face' for any length of time has to be a learned art. I personally find it difficult to 'facially' hide my emotions too.