Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"I think I can. I think I can"

As the book talks about in the first chapter The Little Engine That Could is a book we all have heard about or even read at one point in our life. Having worked at the library in my town for several years I have come to see parents, older siblings, and other family members read and recite this book to young children over and over again. This book is definitely a motivator for many children and teaches even at a young age that giving up is not an option. The book says that motivation is to be moved into action. Having been a transfer student to Stockton this year I had to make new friends, start over again in a new school, and choose a new major. All of this would not have happened if not for being motivated. College is a big step in life knowing that your future rests on what you decide to do during you four years has to motivation enough to succeed. The incentive from going to college is graduating, your degree, and eventually getting a job. The Little Engine had it easy when he just had to climb up the mountain.


  1. What a classic story and it is a great example of motivation and determination as well.

  2. It's amazing how powerful the mind is, if we think we can do something then we can. If you came into Stockton with the poor mind set of having no desire to make new friends and no motivation to get good grades, then you most likely would have been a loner with a low GPA. I think too many people overlook how strong the power of positive thinking can be. The story of The Little Engine That Could, is a great story tat conveys ow positive thinking can motivate you to do something that you didn't think you were physically capable of.

  3. Good post. I can relate to your example, as I recently returned to college after pursuing other options, and have struggled to get everything sorted out, start my new major, and get myself off of academic probation. I worked hard, pushed myself, and am finally on the right track.