Monday, June 28, 2010

selecting a mate

One of the major univeral motives is the motive for sexual behavior. The way in which humans select mates can be very similar to the way animals have been found to select their mates. We tend to look for certain traits in the mates we choose. People often look for attractiveness, ambition, financial security, faithfulness, health, loyalty, shared values and interests, kindness, and the desire for children. Research has shown that men and women have differences in sexual preference. Woman tend to select men that rate highly in financial prospects and ambition, while men tend to select women who are rated highly in attractiveness. This is very interesting to me. I think selecting a mate can be a very difficult process. A woman feels she must find a man that can help her provide for a family and remain loyal throughout time. It seems a man on the other hand wants a woman that is fertile and healthy to pass on his genes, but once the selection is accomplished the couple must be motivated to maintain the relationship. This means we must continue to seek romantic love and sexual desire in our partners, overcome jealousy, and beware of mate paoching.

I have attached a video I found on youtube showing the differences in mate selection between women and men.


  1. Very interesting post. I recently read a research article exploring the different motivations for jealousy from an evolutionary perspective and your post ties right in. Women experience stronger emotional jealousy (because if a man spends more emotional time with another women he is likely to spend his resources a.k.a. money and emotional time on her) and men experience stronger sexual-jealousy (because of paternity uncertainty.....since women always know that they are the biological parent of their offspring, men can only insure this by believing the woman isn't having sex with anyone saith the evolutionary psychologist:) ....The different sexual preferences men and women have are supported by these is the basis of their motivation.. women seek financial stability (resources) and men seek perceived attractivness (fertile stability).