Monday, June 28, 2010

Music and Art as my Motivator

Motivation is a reason why people act in particular ways and what gives them a desire for someone to do something. My motivation comes from so much, for me, I am mostly motivated by art and music. Growing up I have always loved art it has been a big part of my life for many years. I love seeing peoples artwork it inspires me to paint more and different creative new things. Music is also a motivator it makes me happy to listen to. I do not play instruments but it is always fun to listen to other people who do. I recently went to a festival in Arkansas and there were two guys painting at the same time while watching a band called Sound Tribe Sector 9. Heres a video of the band then the painting when they were done after the show. I did not take this video I found it on youtube, but I did see the artwork while they were painting it and it was amazing to see two people come together at the SAME time just painting whatever came to mind.

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  1. This is something my younger daughter is in to, shes 20 and in to Art, Drama, MUSIC..goes to alot of concerts and she love going to NY to art shows. This is a great motivation that maked you Happy :) Enjoy.