Sunday, June 27, 2010

"The Blindside" as Motivation

The film that was out this year, "The Blindside", based on the true story and struggle for success of Michael Oher is a strong representation of motivation. In the film, Sandra Bullock takes Michael in because it is evident he doesn't have a stable home or family structure. Her family willingly agrees, and despite the flack she receives from her neighborhood friends, she allows him to permanently stay with her, treating him and constantly reminding him that he is her "son". This push from her allowed him to begin to try harder in school, as well as succeed in his new found football career. He began to excell so quickly that he was being scouted by many prestigious colleges to play on their football teams. Before he had been taken in by this family and had no one pushing him to succeed and being reminded how special he truly was, he had no dreams of playing a sport or even dreamed of attending college. This graduation scene at the movie's close is a touching example of how motivated Sandra Bullock and her family kept him and how it really changed his life for the better.